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HDSky分享高清秀出個性風格。首先,這是一個高清影視網站。我們選擇了以高清影視作為我們發展得一個方向,以“分享為快樂”得理念為目標, 以強烈的視覺體驗為精神,強力發展年輕化的影視分享平臺。側重的不是高清視頻下載,而是分享影視分享心情,強調互動性的綜合音樂體驗。

HDSky was founded in 2012, is a focus on high-definition hdsky, American TV, TV download sharing platform. Keep up with the dynamic global cinema, by screening the contents provided by users, the first time to provide users with resources. In HDSky everyone can share their favorite resources, express feelings cinema critic, interact with members guess the movie exchanges.
HDSky share HD show off personal style. First of all, this is a high-definition television website. We chose to develop a high-definition television direction as us, to "share of happiness" was the idea of the goal, with a strong visual experience for the spirit, a strong development of video sharing platform younger. The focus is not HDSky HD video downloads, but sharing video sharing feelings, emphasizing a comprehensive interactive music experience.

網站名稱: HDSky高清論壇 成立時間: 2012年3月
網站性質: 資源分享網站 創辦者: HDSky興趣小組
網站口號: 分享高清影像 暢享視覺生活  

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